iPhone & iPad apps

When you develop an iOS app, you can choose to have us develop it for either the iPhone, iPad or both. We will help you to understand the benefits of developing for each device, and allow you to decide what is most suitable for your app based on your needs

Android apps

Android is quickly becoming the most popular platform for mobile devices and app downloads. Having an Android app available will make a significant difference in the number of customers you will be able to reach. We will sit down with you and help you understand the Android platform, and which devices and versions of Android will be most suitable for your app.

Windows Mobile Apps

Making sure your app can reach the maximum number of potential customers involves making your app available to as many devices as possible. Having a version of your app available for Windows Mobile will help ensure that your users can download you app, regardless of what device they own

Cloud Based Solutions

Robust apps often require data that is constantly changing, or being provided in a crowd-sourced social environment. Storing your apps data and services in the cloud gives you maximum flexibility for updating your data, and allowing users to share and communicate with each other. During our consultation process, we will help you understand the advantages of using a cloud-based backend, and determine if it makes sense for your idea.