App created for iPhone, iPad, Android
RGreenway is a mobile app developed to help navigate the Raleigh, North Carolina greenway system. The map view shows all of the available trails, along with trail information and directions to the closest parking. Other features include the ability to check into each of the greenways on Facebook, display the current weather conditions, report trail maintenance issues, and track distance and time spent on the greenway.


App created for iPhone, iPad, Android
i-SaiSo Well being monitor is an easy to use mobile and tablet based application that allows you to monitor an individual's daily schedule. The target market for the app is an individual who wants to care for an elderly parent without having to constantly be in physical contact. The individual can create a daily schedule of events, and be notified as their elderly parent has performed each event through out their day. The traffic light indicators inform you of the status of each event. Email, text messages, and push notifications can be configured to notify you when an event has not been performed and needs attention.


App created for iPhone
Raleigh parking is an app that allows individuals to see available parking within the downtown Raleigh area. The map interface shows all available parking decks and parking lot, along with their current hourly rate. The user can view parking rates for each parking deck, see payment options, and get pictures for each of the parking structures. The user can search for a business, and find the closest available parking, with driving directions to the closest parking structure, and walking directions to the business as well as back to their car.